Hotel Plaza, located in Thessaloniki’s commercial center, takes you on a tour of the best sights Thessaloniki has to offer.
Thessaloniki is a true Metropolis of Northern Greece. It’s the capital city of Macedonia, one of the most historical cities in Europe and the second most populated city in Greece. The city of Thessaloniki is considered the crossroad between culture and civilization. Its commercial activity along with its history, sights and the rich spectacles it provides, justify its exceptional reputation.
Hotel Plaza suggests a visit to the following sights in Thessaloniki:

  • The White Tower

  • Archeological Museum

  • Museum Of Byzantine Culture

  • Roman Forum

  • Arch Of Galerius

  • Walls Of Thessaloniki

  • St. Demetrius Church

  • Hagia Sophia

  • The Old Town District

  • Aristotelous Square

  • Rotunda

  • Ladadika

  • Modiano Marketplace

  • Vergina Archeological Site

  • Pella’s Archeological Site

  • The Monasteries of Mount Athos