The bride of Thermaikos, the second capital of Greece, as well as of the Byzantine Empire in the past; City of the Thessaloniki citizens, city of Saint Dimitrios the Myrovlitis and of its several Byzantine churches; the city of the White Tower, of Eptapyrgio, Ano Poli (Upper Old City) with its cobblestone pavements and its sinuous slip roads; the city of the Roman Rotonta, of the Galerius Arch and the complex of its palaces; a gate between East and West, an erotic city, the city of Aristotelous Square and of the amazing Ladadika that accommodate three of the ornaments of the Philian Group – Art & Design Hotels; the center of Balkan trade and the city of the internazional Exhibition Helexpo. What is truly this immemorial city that took its name from the sister of Alexander the Great, covered a path of 2.300 years through the course of history and reached our days, sang throusands of times and glorified throughout the centuries?