• Holy Temple of St. Demetrius

It was built in the middle of the 5th century (413), on the site of the martyrdom of Saint. Here was the “stadium” where dueling struggles took place. At this stage, the faithful disciple of Saint Demetrius, Nestor, was defeated, and he defeated Lyeus. The whole ground floor complex of the ancient bath, where the Saint was imprisoned, was preserved and converted into a crypt of the temple, which has been for centuries and remains a center of worship. The great fire of 1917 altered the historical Temple almost in ruins and the restoration works that restored it in its original form lasted until 1948. Since then it has been operating normally and is one of the most beautiful Christian monuments of the Greek East as an art monument.

  • Holy Temple of the Holy Savior God

One of the most important monuments of the city. It is located in the center, and together with Agios Dimitrios and Panagia Achiropiitos belong to the most important paleochristian monuments of Greece and of Orthodoxy.

  • Holy Temple of Our Lady of the Right

The temple of the Virgin of the Right in Thessaloniki was founded in 1954 in the place of the Byzantine church of Agios Ypatios, where the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary Eleousis was offered, a faithful copy of the homonymous image of the Kykkos of Cyprus, which the tradition wants to have decorated the Evangelist Luke. Tradition wants the image to be conveyed by a monk who had seen a vision coming from the eastern gate of the walls, offering the image to the first temple he would find on his right. Thus, the temple was named Virgin Right. Another tradition says that the name “Right” is due to the fact that Theotokos is portrayed holding Jesus in her right hand while her most common hagiography is to bring it to her left hand.