The area of Ladadika is located near the Port of Thessaloniki and for centuries it had been one of the most important commercial centers of the city. The name Ladadika itself derives from the existence of several wholesale stores in the area who sold mainly olive oil.. In 1985, Ladadika is proclaimed as an area of cultural value from the Ministry of Culture of Greece.

The unique architectural style of 19th century buildings is still preserved and protected. Despite its small size, the importance of the area is that it gives the visitor a picture of how Thessaloniki was built before the fire outbreak in 1917 which leveled 70% of the city.

Today, having gone through restoration procedures during the 1980s, Ladadika is an entertainment district in Thessaloniki. Ladadika is located in the Morichovou square and the Petrakakis Square. The upper Ladadika is located in the Commerce Square with an exit to Politehniou Street.

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