Greek Breakfast

Our country is a blessed place that generously offers us its goods. All these goods are gathered at the “Greek Breakfast” and they make up the dishes offered by our hotel. Depending on what each locality produces, according to climatic conditions, its soil and its historical course and its influences, its particular culinary culture is shaped. The aim of “Greek Breakfast” is to highlight it and make it known to Greek and foreign travelers.

“Greek Breakfast” connects the gastronomic richness of our country with the experience of our hotel visitor. Its purpose is to promote the gastronomic heritage of each place through a program designed to distinguish products and specialties from each region.

 For the visitor, we would say that it is an excellent opportunity to discover the gastronomic and cultural heritage of Thessaloniki. Choosing his favorite dish, from a variety of goods and traditional recipes, he gains experience of local cuisine and local customs.

All products available at “Greek Breakfast”, either individually or as ingredients of their recipes, are at the heart of the Mediterranean diet. Breads, nuts, olive oil and olives, yogurt, honey and fresh fruit are some of them. We therefore welcome you and invite you to learn and enjoy the “Greek Breakfast”. Discover through this the diversity of every corner of our country.